The Championships Dominate Trial of the Hobby

History June 25, 2008

For most fans, the fighters of more bulk are those who won more championships in different weights

For my very personal concept are great champions that could remain in its initial division in boxing, because it throws discipline to the maximum and controlled domain of professional nursing. Those who have obtained more championships in several categories, denounce two qualities: little discipline to maintain weight, and irresponsible eating. The other is, development and growth enlarged without control, for a plurality of Crowns, believing with the fact, be the best exponents and is not as well. More boxing value, are those, who have been efficient holders and worthy representatives of categories in the championships that have commanded.

I do replicate this note, which was published approximately six months ago, for having maximum request in my email and note that in the vast majority of the forums through the internet, checks that the conquest of multiple world titles in different categories, dominates the judgment of the boxing fan, on how to evaluate the Boxer and his greatness, in the universal sport.

Perhaps, to this group of fans, it can persuade you expressing, in their wrong view, Oscar de la Hoya, who has won six championships in different weights, more than any, is superior to all the twenty-five boxers who have obtained three degrees or more in different categories.

And in that unacceptable judgment, by prudent real fans, they would continue the names of Thomas Hearns and Floyd Mayweather, both with five titles in different categories in organized boxing.

For the group of fans that believe it, the three ostentadores pugilists of five and six scepters in different weights, they are not considered among the twenty-five best boxers in history according to critics and we guarantee, that multiple titles in boxing meet the Boxer in his professional ego, but it not enhances him on the winner of a single championship, testing of professional freehold.

To determine it with wisdom, have compared them or compare them in professional performance or records including, quality opponents, triumphs, defeats, knockout in favor and against, as also, domain categories, fruitful longevity of Boxer and records imposed in this noble sport.

Essential requirements, which are always in the majority of the evaluations that are made in boxing, do not postpone to subjective assumptions and it is where there are discussions that does not end, not can anyone convince to another, for not having bases for willfulness.

Included and repeat, once again, the famous theme, to change in part the mindset of the majority of fans and sports journalists, which judge to which reveals three or more championships world-wide, as the maximum achievement in universal Pugilism and still believe that the multiple championships, does have no differences with the holder cabal of a division, as well as for professional evaluation trial.

In the past was believed wrongly, worldwide, that the holders of more titles in different divisions were qualified the planet’s best boxers. Years ago, the exposition of three and four world crowns in different weights, was the heroism that immortalized the pugilist, unparsed, how he managed to them and above all, paramount, if revalidated them. Because there are many getting the Championship, they could not be holders.

For those bygone days, and even for many still, corsage titles makes the greatness of the Boxer and is proven that it is not.

I must say, this I abarqué issue some years ago, but by insistence of thousands of questions that come to my email and trying to be reciprocal with everyone, I decided to sling in the matter, whereby, then will argue, based on personal judgements already them let it be known.

I insist, that no Boxer has justified in its palmares with public satisfaction, in three or more championships, with freehold, in time required. The vast majority passes like fleeting breeze, without really justifying the reigns, rather justified by vanity and win a place in the Hall of Fame in Canastota, but unconvinced of his boxing dominance in plurality of championships.

Best deals or pay and sport qualification, do not offer the multiple championships the Boxer. The mentality of the majority of sports fans and journalists is that, to be judged professionally, to which patentizan three or more categories fistic leadership, offer you the maximum exploit and I still believe that the multiple championships obtained, they make no difference with the holder of a category or division of organized boxing.

Sample of this truth is that many of the winners of three or more world boxing titles, do not resemble in heroism and domain that introduced Joe Louis in the division of the heavyweights with 27 ratifications of its championship. Muhammad Ali, achieved 25 exhibitions of the scepter of the highest category, Abe Atell, paladin of the weights pen, I leave a mark of 25 defenses, Ricardo “Finito” López, with 22 defenses in the minimum weights. Bernard Hopkins with 20 exhibitions in the Middleweight Division.

Britain’s Joe Calzaghe, also showed its supremacy in the super division medium with 22 Reexaminations. Eusebio Pedroza with 20 defenses of his Scepter of weights pen. Larry Holmes, won 20 allegations of his domain of monarch of all weights. Khaosai Galaxy made 19 title exhibition fly. Carlos Monzón with 14 defenses in the category of the 160-pound, was surpassed by the American Bernard Hopkins.

They are examples of a single division monarch possessing more evaluation and credit today, in comparison with the majority of those who hold multiple world crowns and that they have only mastered a category three or obtained six in his professional career.

I hope also, that the analysis to influence the mindset of present and future champions that degenerate physically to be multiple holders, is not the great feat. The heroic is, be firm paladin with a boxing record of authority and widespread titan checking identification.

To my opinion, with respect for all of you, I can tell them and confirm them, that the sport of boxing has no nationality; the boxers: yes. And with logical reasons, I judge it, I determine it; without applying affections of flags and nationality, patriotism and less affection of friendship, to make my opinion it integrates and prosecute with the truth.

Very few dare to do so, for damages of nationalist character, and incur opine from truthfulness, what offer records of Pugilism, only ground authorized determine: professional domain, quality of adversity and history of boxing to provide means and decide superiorities, among other participants in the sport of boxing.

If we are going to analyze and judge the boxers by nationality, we will never accept that determine your sport records. It is the only sports Passport officiating for eternity, the competitive reality of the contestants in any sport.

As well, as it happens and is sports law, in baseball, football, basketball, motor racing, swimming, track and field, like all other sports. And far, to put an end to the nationalist spirit of the flags, good qualifier, clings to palmares and objectivity of the athlete, to determine their quality and not on subjective which is idiom in boxing to do not cling to the certainty.

Featured boxing champions, indeed crossing from one category to another, for natural reasons, applying their skills and abilities, let the seal of lush in all the divisions covering professional boxing.

Those who could not meet those demands, is derived, too overweight and low capacity physics-boxer, to compete in another category, after the natural, still, touching glory and fail to establish themselves in different division, after his triumphant start.

Win championships and cannot be sustained, is synonymous with anonymity. It is through a division or category of Pugilism, without consequences. In other words, get the glory and not enjoy it.

And to summarize the multiple championship mode, we achieve the victory and not be able to convince leadership. Casual adventures wins, without be able to convince anyone of having obtained mission accomplished to the full!

How many boxers do not win world championships and lose it as soon as possible and never anyone remembers them? The same goes with those who obtain multiple leadership in boxing and leave no signs of having been there, for the speed to be part of the lot.

To prosecute without aberration, the quality of your boxers at the continental level, we must free ourselves from fanaticism, fame acquired for one or another reason, patriotism and learn how to sentence with objectivity, with the professional performance of the Boxer, who as you analyze it, was the result of their tasks in quadrilaterals, far, Add charismatic and good-natured, attributes which are qualities separate resulting professional.

The palmares or registration, determines all the requirements to judge and compare the boxers: quality opponents, triumphs and defeats, who were obtained and also the complete statistics of the pugilist. Style, “punch,” determination, quality adversative and finally, the Boxer is generally included in your professional record.

Up to the passion that was for his profession, in ephemeral withdrawals and returns, economic situation or habits of leave and return; When palpable is in the amateurs, the replacement of idolatry, that very few athletes and especially in boxing, they accept it with wisdom.

The super champions, adjective superlative that if it falls to Henry Armstrong, Roberto Durán, Wilfredo Gómez and some others, multiple holders group, only a single category identifies him. In others that were obtained, are failed by not being able to establish monarchs and nothing more they left an ephemeral message where is better to its identity welterweight champion for Armstrong, lightweight Durán and super bantamweight champion Gómez, who conquered the three and four crowns.

Henry Armstrong, the title pen not defended it, the light weights lost it in the first defense and weights welterweights made 23 exhibitions. Wilfredo Gómez, made 17 defenses all by knockout in the super bantamweight division. As champion of the featherweight and super featherweight championships, was not his to slaughter the two message lost in the first exposure via knockout.

Roberto Durán, could not hold themselves champion after the lightweights where sustained 12 times as a monarch. As welterweights, junior middleweight and Middleweight has no history. The welterweight championship lost it five months after obtaining it and others could not expose them and of course lost, looking for him and his manager the best deals regardless of consequences in its register of professional, who today discussed his followers, without reason when confronted with others.

Of the 25 qualified, ostentadores pugilists of three championships or more, in the universal boxing, the worst qualified is the Venezuelan Leo Gamez, followed by Wilfredo Gómez, Roberto Durán and Henry Armstrong. These last three solid champions, lost the brief leadership and were vulnerable, after being dominant in the super bantamweight, the Puerto Rican Wilfredo Gómez, in the lightweight the Panamanian Roberto Durán, and welterweight division the American Henry Armstrong.

Different appreciation of Alexis Argüello and Julio Cesar Chavez, two Latin Americans, who left their mark in the three global champions that ruled, dominated and that is why should be they are legitimate monarchs, and featured, among the twenty-five holders of three degrees or more in universal boxing.

Here, we are not certifying who or whom, were best boxers. We are referring to the finest holders at the continental level in different weights. However, the adjective, has implications of hierarchy, in what happens, his boxing participation around the world.

The Mexican Julio César Chávez, boxers in the history of boxing, which is more justified the heroism of the multiple championships, and even that more records has imposed, in the history of boxing

If you check the boxing history, the twenty-five boxers, who have achieved three sceptres or more, in different categories, will know, that in the history of boxing, where more has justified that heroism is the Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez.

He held three titles in different weight and are: super featherweight (130 pounds), lightweight (135 pounds) and super lightweight (140 pounds). As we know, Chavez drew the championship of the Super Featherweight of his compatriot Mario Martínez, dispatching him in eight chapters on September 13, 1984 in Los Angeles, California.

It exposed him nine times, dispatching five by way of knockout and beat three former world champions who are: Roger Mayweather, Rocky Lockridge and Juan LaPorte. Let the vacant championship to combat in the lightweights.

The lightweight title of the weights obtained it by knocking out the remembered and now deceased Edwin “Chapo” Rosario, double lightweight world champion and also junior welterweight champion, in display of luxury and domain to capture the lightweight championship of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Later, he exhibited against the Panamanian Rodolfo Aguilar who dispatched in six episodes and later unified the monarcado against the qualified José Luis Ramírez, two times World Lightweight Champion. To the not fit more than travel at 135 pounds chose to fight in the super lightweight category.

The light-welterweight division exalted Grand Champion Mexican, Julio Cesar Chavez, who made 18 successful exhibitions in two 140-pound champion and played with 14 former world champions and they are: Roger Mayweather, Meldrick Taylor (twice), Lonnie Smith, Héctor Camacho, Grez Haugen, Terrance Alli, Frankie Randall (twice), Tony López, Giovanni Parisi, Miguel Ángel González, Oscar de la Hoya and Kostya Tszyu. No Boxer before, proved his dominance in any division of boxing, with so many boxers they achieved the heroic to be champions. In addition, he imposed more records than any other in the history of boxing.

With serious conviction I am of the opinion, that Julio Cesar Chavez, is the Boxer more justifying his professional record multiple crowns in different categories and to check it out, I present the statistics of the twenty-eight boxers who have reached three degrees or more in different weight, but which in reality are twenty-five, because Terry McGovern, Stanley Ketchel and Emile Griffith, never won three crowns in different categories.

It was one of the great atrocities of statistics that introduced us magazine The Ring, trying to honor their friends, taking advantage of being a media pioneer, take the records of universal boxing phase and then under his boxers could not prove it.

Of these twenty-four members of the great revolution in the multiple boxing champions, believe it or not, the most gleaming is the Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez.

First, dominated the three divisions who ruled in boxing, with more conviction and mastery that everyone globally.

In addition, we understand that all the champions eat pigeons (as they say out there fistic slang), which is a perk of the job, which have been used in boxing, from the most qualified to at least. And that denounces the fans up to sleeping without widespread implementation.

This reality, which is understood by logic, that the evaluation of the Paladins, measured with its champions’ exhibitions and none of the holders of multiple championships exposed his headband with 25 different contenders who came to be world champions as Julio Cesar Chavez, did the closest is Oscar de la Hoya with 21 yRoberto Durán with 16. Julio Cesar Chavez, said goodbye to boxing with a record of 107 wins, 6 setbacks, 2 tie with 90 knockout and the Boxer that has imposed more records in the sport of boxing. Without exaggeration a real titan!

As second step we understand that yesterday, during the decades of the 1940s to 1960s the contest box was more competitive by the plurality of values in this discipline and any champion with quality. But, unlike the 1960s onwards yesterday’s has earned two titles with the same fighter and on the same night in single combat and in the present win the championships one by one and on different dates with the exception of the undeserved prize offered by the world boxing Council (WBC), to «Sugar» Ray Leonard, giving two championships in his bout with Danny Lalonde: super middleweight and light heavyweight…! What brazenness awards!

Conquerors of three crowns in different weights

TERRY McGOVERN: the history of boxing selected him as one of the fighters captured three championships in different weights. However, in his fistic history only is check who won the championship of the bantamweights Perdlar Palmer, on September 12, 1899 and obtained the title of weights pen dispatching Mike Dixon, in New York, on January 9, 1900 and he made seven exhibitions, to lose it against Young Corbet, in Hartford, Connecticut, on November 28, 1901, and then never won another world title. Can be winner of three championships in different divisions according to historical data of Ring magazine? This man retired with a record of 66 wins, 6 losses, 6 ties, and 42 knockouts.

BOB FITZSIMMONS: Reached the championships of the middleweights, heavy weight and light heavyweight in this same order that present it is. Middleweight title won it by knocking in 13 rounds to non-Champion Jack Dempsey on 14 January 1891 and defended it three times. The reign of all weights won James John Corbett, dispatching him in 14 chapters on 5 June 1897 and lost it in the first defense. It also happened with the light heavyweight title that won it defeating George Gardner, on November 25, 1903 to lose it in the first exhibition. He left a record of 74 wins, 11 setbacks, 3 draw and 29 no decisions with 66 knockouts.

STANLEY KETCHEL: This gentleman is one that appears in the books of record of the famous magazine The Ring, as a winner of three crowns in various categories and the same book that presents it, is denies that in your registration you can only check which won Middleweight world title of weights knocking over 20 rounds to Jack Twin Sullivan, on May 9, 1908 and made four exhibitions, to lose it against Billy Papke, on September 7, 1908 in Los Angeles. It retook it from the same rival on 26 November of the same year in San Francisco, to expose it seven times more in this range, it opted to conquer the heavyweight championship and he was knocked out by Jack Johnson, on October 16, 1909. He accumulated palmares of 53 wins, 5 defeats, 4 draw and 2 no decisions with 49 knockouts.

TONY CANZONERI: Conquered the championships of weights, pen, light and welterweights junior. The featherweight title won it imposed on Johnny Dundee, on October 24, 1927 and made two exhibitions. The lightweight championship contested it and won of the singer, on November 14, 1930 and made seven defenses until losing it with Lou Ambers, on September 3, 1936 in New York City. The leadership of junior welterweights division earned him dispatching by knockout to Jack Kid Berg, on April 24, 1931 and exposed him five times. Canzoneri, exposed junior welterweights and the championship of lightweights simultaneously. He retook it from Battling Shaw, on May 21, 1933, and then lost it against Barney Ross. He accumulated 143 wins, 24 setbacks, 10 tie with 45 knockouts.

BARNEY ROSS: lightweight, junior welterweights took world titles of weights and welterweights. In those days it was common to win two titles fighting with the same Boxer and winning Ross to Tony Canzoneri, on September 12, 1933 in New York, won the Crown of light weights and also that of the junior welterweights, which defended against the same opponent and retained it by exposing the championship of lightweights once, the junior welterweights seven times and the welterweights weights won it to Jimmy McLarnin, 28 may 1934 and lost it in the first defense against the same rival, with whom it held three races and won two. The second Coronation of weights welterweights won it from Jimmy McLarnin and obtained three exhibitions. He retired from boxing with sports score of 75 wins, 4 losses and 3 ties with 23 knockouts.

HENRY AMSTRONG: He won the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweights championships. He had no defense of the featherweight category. Featherweight title earned him to Petey Sarron by knockout in six rounds on October 27th, 1937 in New York City. Welterweights weights Crown extracted it from Barney Ross, on May 31, 1938 in Long Island, New York. The championship of the lightweights won it to Lou Amber, August 17, 1938 also in New York and lost it in the first defense. The sublime of Armstrong was that it held 23 exhibitions of the welterweights title and lost it against Fritzie Zivic on October 4, 1940. For professional recognition, more worth 23 defenses of the welterweight championship to the three crowns in different categories. His final professional qualification was 151 wins, 21 losses, 9 ties with 101 knockouts.

EMILE GRIFFITH: This gentleman is also controversy in selection of having won three crowns in different weight. Griffith, won three times the welterweights Crown of weights that you extracted from Benny Paret, lost it with the same rival and recovered. The same happened against Luis Manuel Rodríguez, who lost it and retook it to defend it on four occasions. He won the championship of the middleweights with more than Dick Tiger, on April 25, 1966 in New York, to abandon the welterweights championship. Middleweight Crown lost it the third exhibition against the Italian Nino Benvenuti and recovered it to lose against the same opponent. Then he tried in vain to repeat victory in the welterweights against José Nápoles and middleweights against Carlos Monzón on two occasions Three championships in different weights failed. He hosted the retreat with 85 wins, 24 losses, 2 draw with 23 knockouts.

WILFREDO BENÍTEZ: junior welterweights, seized the titles welterweights and super welterweights. The 140-pound Crown won it imposed on Antonio Cervantes «Kid Pambelé», on March 6, 1976 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to become youngest Boxer to reach a world Crown in boxing at the age of 17 years, 5 months and 17 days of age. Benitez, he made two defenses and he was later stripped of the title for refusing to defend the championship in fight for retribution against the Colombian Antonio Cervantes. The welterweights weights championship won it to Carlos Palomino, on 6 January 1976.It exposed him twice to lose it against Ray Leonard. The Crown of the medium junior investment-grade dispatching by knockout to Maurice Hope, on May 23, 1981, in Las Vegas. Defended it three times and lost to Thomas Hearns on December 3, 1982. It departed from the quadrilaterals with 53 victories, 8 setbacks, 1 draw with 32 knockouts.

ALEXIS ARGÜELLO: gripped three titles in different divisions and are: featherweight, junior lightweight and lightweight. Featherweight weights Crown won it by knocking out Ruben Olivares, after suffering martyrdom hits over 13 episodes, on November 23, 1974 in Inglewood, California and exposed him three times then leave it vacant. Acquired the championship  of junior lightweights, knocking out Alfredo Escalera, on January 28, 1978 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and defended it eight times to also leave it vacant. The championship of the weights light won it by decision to Jim Watt, on June 20, 1981, in London. He defended it four times and left him to lose against Aaron Pryor, knockout disputing the Crown of the junior welterweights.Alexis ended with a record of 82 wins, 8 defeats with 48 knockouts.

WILFREDO GÓMEZ: Took the championships Super Bantamweight, featherweight and junior featherweight. The championship of the Super Bantamweight weight obtained it knocking out Korean Dong-Kyun Yum, on May 21, 1977 and made 17 exhibitions and won all the most convincing way. Let the vacant championship and won the pen weights championship  defeating compatriot Juan LaPorte, on March 31, 1984, to lose by knockout then with Azumah Nelson on December 8, 1984. Featherweight super weights Crown won it defeating controversial decision Rocky Lockridge, on May 19, 1985 and lost it against Alfredo Layne, on May 24, 1986. He left a record of 44 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw with 41 knockouts.

MIKE McCALLUM: was crowned world champion by knocking out Sean Mannion on October 19, 1984 junior middleweights in New York and defended it six times to leave it vacant and invade the division of the middleweights, to win the title by defeating to Herol Gram., on May 10, 1989 and defended it three times. The Crown of light heavyweight weights obtained it imposed on Jeff Harding, on July 23, 1994 and exposed him twice. He retired with palmares of 49 victories, 5 setbacks and 1 draw with 36 knockouts.

JEFF FENECH: Won three championships in different weight: Bantam, feather pen and junior. The championship of the weight won it is Satoshi Shingaki, dispatching him by knockout on August 23, 1985 and only two defenses held. The championship junior featherweight, extracted from Samara Payakaroon, on May 8, 1987 and also held two exhibitions. Featherweight title won it by knocking out Victor Callejas and made three defenses. He finished with 28 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw with 22 knockouts.

HÉCTOR CAMACHO: Was champion of three divisions, junior lightweight, lightweight and welterweights junior. He won the junior lightweight title by knocking out Rafael Limón, on August 7, 1983 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and It only exposed him once to upload category. He was holder of the lightweights imposed on José Luis Ramírez, the 10 August 1985 and made two defenses and also left the title vacant. The championship of the junior welterweights won it defeating Ray Manzini, on March 6, 1989 he did two exhibitions to lose it against Greg Haugen. His record is 79 wins, 5 losses and 2 ties with 38 knockouts.

WILFREDO VÁZQUEZ: Worldwide represented boxing in three different divisions, bantamweight, junior featherweight and pen. Gallo extracted the championship defeating Miguel Lora on February 8 in Miami Beach and he made three defenses. The junior featherweight, won title imposed on Raúl Pérez, on March 28, 1992 and made ten defenses to lose against Antonio Cermeño. The pen weights championship won to Eloy Rojas, on May 18, 1996 and made four defenses and ended with a record of 56 wins, 9 setbacks, 2 tie, 1 no decision.

FELIX TRINIDAD: It was holder of three championships in different weights. First was awarded the welterweights championship dethroning Maurice Blocker, in two chapters on June 19, 1993 and made 15 defenses and even unified it against Oscar de la Hoya in resolution even being discussed in circles today. The title of the medium junior earned him David Reid by decision on March 3, 2000 and held two exhibitions. He was champion of the AV medium knocking out William Joppy, then missed the same route against Bernard Hopkins. His record is 42 wins, 2 setbacks with 35 knockouts.

SHANE MOSLEY: Has been champion of three different divisions: lightweight, welterweights and superwelter. The championship of the weights light won it by defeating decisioned Philip Holiday on August 2, 1997 and held eight defenses, all by the way of knockout, to leave it vacant and fight welterweights in the weights. 147-pound Crown won it imposed by decision to Oscar de la Hoya on June 17, 2000 and made three exhibitions, to lose it against Vernon Forrest. Junior middleweight extracted the leadership of weights also Oscar de la Hoya, on September 13, 2003 and then lost it against Ronald Wright. It has sports rating of 40 victories, 4 setbacks, 1 no decision with 35 knockouts.

ERIK MORALES: In his professional journey, he has won three crowns in different weights and they are: Super Bantamweight, featherweight and Super Featherweight. The 122-pound championship acquired it knocking out his compatricio Daniel Zaragoza, on September 6, 1997 and made 9 exhibitions. Featherweight weights Crown won it by decision of Guty sword, on February 17, 2001. Gave it four times, because to lose it against Marco Antonio Barrera, the championship of the world boxing Council (WBC) was not at stake. The Super featherweight title was awarded by defeating Jesús Chávez, decision on February 28, 2004, to lose it in the second exhibition against Marco Antonio Barrera. His current record is 48 wins, 3 defeats with 34 knockouts.

MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA: Holder of three championships in different weights and are: Super Bantamweight, featherweight and Super Featherweight. It took the Super Bantamweight title to the imposed by decision Daniel Jiménez March 31, 1995 and lost it in the ninth defense against Junior Jones. He regained the title Super Bantamweight defeating Richie Wenton, on 31 October 1998 and made six defenses already that the third lost against Morales, by controversy, the world boxing Organization (WBO), continued recognizing him champion. The pen weights championship extracted from Prince Naseem Hamed and then resigned it conflicts with José Sulaimán, President of the world boxing Council (WBC). The Super featherweight title won him to his rival Erik Morales archi, on November 27, 2004 and has only held an exhibition. He has a professional record of 60 wins, 4 losses, 1 no decision with 42 knockouts.

JAMES TONEY: Won three crowns in different weights and are: Middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight. He was champion of middleweights knocking out Michael Nunn, on May 10, 1991 and made six defenses of the championship to abandon it for good reasons. The championship of the super middleweights, won it to Iran Barkley, by the way of knockout, on February 13, 1993 and lost it in the fourth exhibition against Roy Jones. Cruise graduated weights of Vassili Jirov, on April 26, 2003 and not exposed him. Crown of heavyweight acquired it to defeating John Ruiz on April 30, 2005, in New York, and days later it was declared a no decision for the World Boxing Association (WBA), by checked substances banned in the urine of James Toney and as does not register the triumph, has won three championships in different weights, but not four. At present it has sports rating of 68 victories, 4 setbacks, 1 draw with 43 knockouts.

MANNY PACQUIAO: Recently became the 25th boxer to win three championships in different divisions in organized boxing. His first championship was as a flyweight 112 pounds, to dispatch to Chartchai Sasakul in eight chapters on December 4, 1998. Lost him via knockout in three rounds against Medgoen Lukchaopormasak at the second defense on September 17, 1999. Junior featherweight extracted the monarcado of weights to Lehlohonolo Ledwaba of June 23, 2001. He made four defenses and left him to fight in the featherweights. It drew against Juan Manuel Márquez on May 8, 2004 and it was not until March 15, 2008, reaching their hopes to win by a very narrow margin then champion Juan Manuel Márquez, the junior Lightweight Champion category. Remember, that after being defeated by Erik Morales in his first bout three concluded, none of the three was determined by World Championship. Inclusive, with Marco Antonio Barrera, happened the same story in two skirmishes, none was of significant meaning.

Bringers of four crowns or more

ROBERTO DURÁN: He was a champion of four divisions, light, welterweights, superwelterweight and medium. The lightweight championship got it shipping to Ken Buchanan in 13 torrid rounds, June 26, 1972. It held twelve exhibitions and won once by way of knockout. He left the title and jumped to compete and win by majority decision the Crown of weights welterweights «Sugar» Ray Leonard, on June 20, 1980, to lose it then with the same rival five months later by the way of knockout on November 25, 1980. The Crown of the junior welterweights won it Devey Moore, knocking it in 8 episodes on June 16, 1983 and then jumped to fight against Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns who lost. The championship of the middleweights extracted it from Iran Barkley, on December 7, 1989 and not exposed him, jumped to challenge the reign of the super middleweight against Ray Leonard, to lose. He could not sustain any championships after the lightweights. Retired with a record 103 wins, 16 defeats, with 70 knockouts.

“SUGAR” RAY LEONARD: former champion four categories and not five. Welterweights, superwelter, Middleweight and super middleweight. The light heavyweight division never won it, gave it the world boxing Council (WBC), in the same fight that held against Don Lalonde, disputing the medium super championship. I wonder: what other fighter has been given this award after the Decade of the forties?..! To anyone! Who has won two titles in boxing fighting with the same rival, specific weight and the same night, after the Decade of the forties? Leonard, won the championship of weights welterweights dispatching Wilfredo Benítez, by the way of knockout on November 30, 1979 and lost it in the second defense decision majority against Roberto Durán, on June 20, 1980. He recaptured it five months later, dispatching to the Panamanian by the way of knockout on November 25, 1980 and held three exhibitions. He won the championship of weight junior middleweight, knocking out Ayub Kalule, on June 25, 1981 and did defenses. The middleweights title extracted it from Marvin Hagler, on April 6, 1987 and not defended it. The super middleweight obtained it from Don Lalonde, on November 7, 1988, when it was falsely awarded with two crowns of the super middleweights and light heavyweight. He only had two exhibitions of the championship of the super middleweights. He concluded his journey’s professional record of 36 wins, 3 setbacks, 1 draw with 25 knockouts.

PERNELL WHITAKER: Holder four championships in different weights and are: lightweight, junior welterweights, junior welterweights and medium. He was champion of the weights light defeating Grez Haugen on February 18, 1989 and made 8 defenses. The championship of the 140 pounds, won beating Rafael Pineda on July 18, 1992 and not exposed him. The welterweights title acquired it imposed on Jemes McGirt on March 6, 1993 and made nine defenses. Took the 154-pound championship beating Julio Cesar Vasquez on March 4, 1995 and could not expose it. Whitaker ended with a record of 40 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie, 1 no decision with 17 knockouts.

LEO GAMEZ: Former world champion four championships are: minimum, junior flyweight, fly fishing and Rooster junior. The minimum title won it beating on January 10, 1988 by decision to Bong-Jun Kim, and made a defense. Junior flyweight obtained the championship of Shiro Yahiro, on October 21, 1993 and played it four times.The flyweight championship was won from Hugo Soto on March 13, 1999, and exposed him once. Appropriated the bantamweights Championship junior defeating Hideki Todaza, on October 9, 2000 and played it once. It ended with sports score of 35 wins, 11 losses and 1 draw with 27 knockouts.

ROY JONES: Paladin of four crowns in professional boxing: Middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavy. It took the middleweight title imposed on Bernard Hopkins on May 22, 1993 and carried out a defense. The championship of the super middleweights extracted it from James Toney on November 18, 1994 and played it five times. The light heavyweight Crown, won it defeating the Jamaican Mike McCallum and lost it in the first exhibition by disqualification against Montell Griffin and recovered it from the same rival on August 7th, 1997 to expose it thirteen times. The heavyweight championship got it from John Ruiz and never defended it. The final record of Roy Jones is 49 wins, 4 reverses with 38 knockouts.

THOMAS HEARNS: Was world champion of five divisions organized boxing: welterweights, junior middleweight, light heavyweight, Middleweight and super middleweight. The welterweights weights championship won by knockout to Pipino Cuevas, dispatching of August 2, 1980 and held four defenses. The championship junior middleweight acquired it by defeating decision to Wilfredo Benítez, on December 3, 1982 and played it three times. The light heavyweight Crown won it by knocking out Dennis Andries on March 7, 1987 and did exhibitions. Mediumweights leadership won it by knocking out Juan Domingo Roldán, on October 29, 1987 and then lost it against Iran Barkley. The super middleweight title, won it imposed on Michael Olajide and not exposed him. The light heavyweight Crown retook it defeating Virgil Hill, on June 3, 1991 and also then lost against Iran Barkley, on March 20, 1992. His record is 60 wins, 5 defeats, 1 draw with 47 knockouts.

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: The only Boxer to have won six championships in different category: junior lightweight, lightweight, junior welterweights, welterweights, junior middleweight and Middleweight. Extracted from Jimmi Bredahl, the championship of the 130 pounds, 5 March 1994 and held an exhibition. The lightweight championship won it is knocking out Jorge Páez, on 29 July 1994 and made six defenses. The Crown of the junior welterweights obtained it from July Cesar Chavez, on June 7, 1996 and made a defense. He was champion of the weights welterweights imposed on Pernell Whitaker on April 12, 1997 and made eight defenses to lose it against Félix Trinidad. He retook the championship of weights welterweights against Derrell Coley and then lost it against Shane Mosley. The title junior middleweight won it from Javier Castillejo on June 23, 2001 and played it three times, to also lose it against Mosley. He was King of the AV medium to impose Félix Sturm, on June 5, 2004 and then lost it against Bernard Hopkins. Oscar has a record of 37 wins, 4 reverses with 29 knockouts.

Boxers valure of the multiple championships -VS- financial future, remuneration and sports qualifications

After study and analyze carefully this boxing scheme of international fame, came to the conclusion that the boxers predecessors of the Decade of the sixties, they were more careful and mystical to invade another category of more by weight boxing, if not jointly marched the rise with their physical development. From the 1960s onwards the conquests of the three passions, four and more championship has contributed to that champions have missed the opportunity to extend hierarchy of its category and therefore secure compensation for when it emerges the reality of hang up the gloves for good. In the same way physical wear is reflected faster, as also the disappearance of the passion for boxing and performance weakens.

Multiple crowns ensure them the Boxer a place in the Hall of Fame, as one of this entity selection standards although the three or four or more championships mean little in the final record of the Boxer. Here, the phrase that the winner of multiple championships in boxing, is born doesn’t mean that it is better Boxer than the bringer of one or two, because it is better to be champion of a category as it is the case of Bernard Hopkins with 20 exhibitions of its unique championship of the middleweights and Oscar de la Hoya with six, but with domain nothing more in the welterweights weights and the others are conquests of pisa and runs, they are not convincing in this hard and noble sports discipline.

The same truth we can say that the boxer who took best productively with intelligence leadership with multiple crowns is Oscar de la Hoya, million in his pay, which increased whenever he crossed a Division to another, facing the best quoted and revolutionizing its nickname of “Golden Boy” for millions of viewers at the continental level and was a sign of his fame.

For the vast majority who have the multiple championships in different categories, the luck was not the same as Oscar de la Hoya, abandoned his natural division in weight, following the belief that It is best Boxer with more conquests of Crowns, and is not the case. Either, meant you extravagant profits, but yes, diminishing their professional performance and here we can put as an example the cases of Roberto Durán and Wilfredo Gómez, which could not sustain any championship after his division’s base. Duran was lightweight and Gomez, super bantamweight champion.

Mistakenly, the sport of boxing fans, put the amount of championships in different weights obtained by a boxer to the performance and quality of a boxer to qualify for better champion of the Titans from a single version. However, titles that were not of that interest forget winners with three and four champions and as an example we can mention: Leo Gamez, who was not really a holder although efforts will applaud him.

To the extent of boxing and lessons learned, indicate that a Boxer “should milk the cow until the last glass of milk.” An expression with which I identify, claiming them to have the championships be exploited in boxing to its minimum expression. Venture is to leave the work and future of many years, as it is the more recent case of Erik Morales, who then vacate the category of Super Bantamweight them, should stay in the weights pen and degenerate by multiple crowns, nature offered serious response.

I do not deny that some fighters forced them to cross categories constantly their fast metabolism, but the current fashion is to unlink it safe, to not suffer sacrifices of appetites and look like a Christmas tree, with emblematic bands of shooting champion, in the end better business and fistic credits you had been keep in its true paladin headband.

To the margin – I hope, these realities, do not give origin to unleash – as it has always pasado-los resentments of nationality which is ridiculous and even painful in boxing, as universal contest. First, thinking that there is interest of harm or help someone with the note is unprecedented, the hobby is illustrated and also judge to know that do not lie or invention. Everything you did as Boxer is public and is in the history of boxing and more in your professional record. Nothing is hidden and least I add or rest it, is the kiln that yielded the boxers in mention in quadrilaterals.

If we contribute to the support only of compatriots, by feelings of nationality, is absurd, to be decent, as well as, dishonorable, for he writes as a critic, analyst and also be fair in any sport, natural law is the good observer and qualifier, for not having openly to express truths.

Boxing is not the only sport organized in the world, where not can be recognized the merits of any Boxer, regardless of their nationality.

Truths must accept them with nobility. Let’s not forget, that all contestants of Pugilism, have a record or professional track record, which denounces as well as victories and defeats; the passion that was held by his profession, which is what energizes and strengthens. Successful constancy and intensity of lasting inspiration, is it that stands out and limited to the Paladins in your professional journey, in a world characterized; by Dale welcomes and farewells, a number of monarchs of hierarchy.

In the various forums through the Internet, we touch and understand, that the vast majority of participants, want the maximum fistic merits, always fall, in boxers from their countries of origin.

It is a natural requirement for amateur or fanaticism, but it is not, in any reasonable way, to not accept what none of us can hide and deny, the landmark, which is or are, some championships of others.

And this undeniable truth, family of boxing, today, tomorrow and until eternity, only provides us the tasks which resolved the pugilists worldwide, on its way from professional, summarizing in his record, register or record professional.

How we know, speak with details and discuss with logic, of fighters who did not belong to your times and never saw combat?… Simply put, your resume of professional service, which is his record or registry.

If we analyze and compare in the sport of boxing, by assumptions or subjective form, nobody convinces to another, simply because there are no methods to elucidate.

Everything is porfía, should have a base of foundations, for their stall or decline, and in boxing, there is only a reality check, professional performance, what is the record or records, which determines everything about Boxer, to collate it, qualify and determine a matter of eternity.

Other judgments that are made by subjective concepts, will never have validity, because they have no verification of the facts and are the ones most they porfían in Pugilism and discussed without generalized sense checkpoint, the world fans.