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Author Felipe Rodríguez Retituyo Announces His New Book, The Power of the Private (El Poder del Cabo)

— New novel – based on a true ongoing criminal investigation spanning North and South America – explores the dark and deadly side of a military school and the Government —

MIAMI, FL — August 1, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — In his new novel, The Power of the Private (El Poder del Cabo), author Felipe Rodríguez Restituyo takes us by the hand through a true story that is hard to believe. This majestic adventure is full of passion, life and death, a story where truths and lies walk hand in hand, where redemption and happiness seem to be impossible.

This true story shook the entire American continent. To safeguard the survivors, Restituyo decided to change the names of countries, cities, and people, since the long investigation by the continent's most important authorities has not yet finished, producing neither the list of the guilty nor the innocent.

In 2012, Restituyo began working as a volunteer chaplain in prisons in New York, Connecticut and eventually in Florida. One winter afternoon, an inmate he already considered a friend, began to tell a story that seemed to be taken from a movie.

With a small handheld recorder, Restituyo began recording the story that prompted the intervention of U.S. authorities. Hundreds of people ended up in jail for life and thousands more in the cemetery.

In the summer of 2014 Restituyo started a long investigation, visiting seven countries, 30 cities and interviewing more than 300 people who helped him put together the story of this intriguing book.

According to the DEA, the CIA and other investigative entities from some Central and South American countries, the list of culprits and victims is still incomplete, and the investigation continues.

The Power of the Private is going to impact readers tremendously and I hope they make their own guesses about who is the victim and who is the culprit,” Restituyo said.

The Power of the Private is available on all platforms where books are sold around the world, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target. And also on all digital platforms. Apple Books, Kindle, Baker & Taylor, Tolino, Vivlio, Bibliotheca, Overdrive, Borrow Box, and Rakuten Kobo.

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