There Are No Pound-for-Pound Super Champions Today!

History July 18, 2007

Why are the adjectives of super champions and best pound-for-pound in boxing today unacceptable?

We have four boxing entities and 17 divisions in professional boxing, which throws us 68 world champions. Answer this: How many champions can mention that they are efficient for boxing and how many hopes are performed in professional boxing?

The leaders of boxing more worry about the selection of the country where held the next Convention of the boxing body presiding from the moment that ends the closest, that’s the same pressing obstacles of the sport. Ask any of the four that have the helm of boxing government if they have this, how boxing all indicates that it shall be scuttled after deliver storms to establish itself as a sport.

To tell the truth openly is to accept that boxing and its current quality around the world survive by support from television. We do not deny that television stations are precious treasure of the proceeds for the event, and in particular the pay to be seen as also pay it for posters and display them free of charge to win followers and subscriptions to its default settings.

Boxing entities are urged to seek substituents capable of the financial suitable boxers that has boxing to display it in the famous pay per view events or featured programs of boxing. Not leave it to luck because everything affects boxing that organizations collect millions in fighting sanctions every year and what to do to improve it?

To meet this special letter they are obliged to apply ratings inflexible and competent, fighting those classified among them for fittest boxers and continue generating boxers that its professional quality exceeds regular which is the qualification most accepted that they may offer you 90% of the current world champions and challengers of divisions also.

Otherwise, it will pass just like when good boxing was absent without be supplanted in the 1950s, when he began to feel in the new boxing contestants lack of instinct and vocation and of course, the quality was not the same.

Television gave up boxing and the slaughter became unbearable for the promoters who then only depended on economy, the public’s interest to programs presenting. What if the same thing happens now? It would be catastrophic for boxing and could make it final.

As a result, the question that arises is: Today, does the public have interest go to the arenas or stadiums and pay to see 90% of the current champions’ matches? …We are sure that answer is no. Not having professional quality and less suitable challengers to challenge champions.

I reiterate, the evidence is that since 2000 the boxing has remained afloat with the challenges of champions of lower division matches superior and the uniting of championships and if you don’t believe me, check the annals of quarrels of boxing. The fighting in first challenger with the champion are scorned by promoters and the broadcast networks for not demanding the attention of anyone for the indigent professional quality of both.

In the decades of the seventies and eighties, still arose first challengers to be had to force champions to offer opportunity to the champion for wanting to avoid them by featured and many times in the contest were favorite. In those times there were professional respect of monarchs to challengers for the rigidity with which they obtained in competition without preference of any kind.

Since the 1950s, attracted many young people the discipline of boxing, to find a way faster and more accessible by profession who surrender economically already. This really changed the Pugilism in productivity, as also the mass of promises as it did in the past.

The practice of contender the boxers classified among them, still in the decades of the seventies and eighties, kept us in acceptable professional balance without exaggeration be named super champion or best pound for pound, with champions of the lineage of Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe, in the category of all weights. Nino Benvenuti, Carlos Monzón, Rodrigo Valdez and Marvin Hagler, in the category of middleweights.

In the welterweight: José Nápoles, Carlos Palomino, caves cucumber, Wilfredo Benítez, Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns and Donald Curry. In the junior welterweights: Antonio “Kid Pambel e” Cervantes, Aaron Pryor and Julio Cesar Chavez. Ismael Laguna, Roberto Duran, Alexis Arguello, Esteban De Jesus, Edwin Rosario, and Ray “Bom Boom” Mancini in the lightweight division. In the junior lightweight division, we remember Alexis Arguello and Alfredo Escalera and Samuel Serrano. Ernesto Marcel, Vicente Saldivar, Rubén Olivares, Danny Lopez, Eusebio Pedroza, and Salvador Sánchez in the lightweight division.

The Super Bantamweight division keeps the traces of the unforgettable Wilfredo Gómez and at 118 pounds weight class, Eder Jofre, Rubén Olivares, and Carlos Zárate. Who does not remember Miguel Canto, Betulio González, Humberto “chiquito” Gonzalez and Michael Carvajal fly in the heavyweight division? In the minimum category the unforgettable Ricardo “Finito” López.

Compare the champions of the ’70s and ’80s with the current divisions, and you will notice that the professional difference is immense.

No one can deny that boxing is doubly retrograde according to the succession of the years since the last decades of the 1970s and 1980s. And when it seems the World Association and the World Boxing Organization enhance mediocrity by naming the champions who have unified championships of super champions in these times that of 68 which are taken by the four existing organizations only if anything can be considered ten of champions.

Another crazy extravagance is the qualification that offer some sports journalists to the most prominent of the heap of monarchs of today, naming the best pound-for-pound fighter of boxing.

A few days ago one of those who claims to know what all I questioned: do is Floyd Mayweather better than “Sugar” Ray Robinson?… And I replied, are you well?… Of course, and affirm it, I answered.

Output you had: the difference of “Sugar” Ray Robinson and Floyd Mayweather explains that the first was complete boxer. Stylist like few others, promptness of lightning, with shots of defined or in any assault and puncher technician according to the demands of his rivals who do not have comparisons with the Floyd in professional quality.

And, above all, you told the stubborn: “Sugar” Ray Robinson, not saw him running to fend off rivals from steel and professionals of the stature of Randy Turpin, Gene Fullmer, Carmen Basilio, “Kid” Gavil, Jake LaMotta and many other all former world champions and who played Frank style as genuine champions.

Floyd Mayweather has very few battles that achieve good rating compared with the pugilistic classics of the boxer who is described as the best of all time and determination in which coincided the great illustrious of boxing.

The validation of the super superiority of “Sugar” Ray Robinson, is embodied in its professional kiln. Four years welterweights champion and he left it to earn five times the headband of the middleweights and left 173 wins record,109 by the most convincing way, 19 defeats, the most at the end of your professional journey by the indecision of removal and 6 ties with 2 bouts without decision in the most exuberant era of boxing.

Incomparable with palmares of Floyd Mayweather as you measure it, 38 wins with 24 knockout and fainting from passion for boxing. Robinson, was also immaculate in their first 42 professional rounds.

Finally informed you: ask the audience if he likes the style of Mayweather and if they want to see retribution with Oscar de la Hoya? …It’s safe that the great majority does not accept and not because boxer’s technical defensive, is your little delivery to the contest.

Ismael Laguna, Wilfredo Benítez, Miguel Canto, Eusebio Pedroza and other remembered boxers of similar style proved their technical quality by removing bumps and giving interesting spectacle against its rivals in free battle without running marathons offering Floyd Mayweather each inquina puzzling to fans.

Why do fans prefer to see the fourth brawl Marco Antonio Barrera against Erik Morales, although the already very hit two, Oscar and Floyd rematch. Isn’t it?

How to start boxing world, recovery boxing strengthening organizations?

I reiterate, to fatigue that boxing entities are forced to face the decrepitude of Pugilism or otherwise in a decade will be boxing as it began, with fighting in the streets and clandestine.

First it has to be unbreakable with the world rankings that he is the source where are future and good actors who must combat between them to achieve worthy rivals to subsequently contender and supplant the weak monarchs of today.

The quality of the boxers changed suddenly when in the 1990s is degenerated world rankings by favoritism without understanding that they are limited to boxing. Any Boxer of the lot is champion in the present as also the challengers of the monarchs become the first places without having discussed with unrated Boxer taking advantage of the above failures and rising without expose themselves as a true contender for the world championship.

Leave aside fantasy and understand at once, that the poorly named super champion and the permanent interim champions are counterproductive for boxing for checks to extensive five years or more.

What benefits you have granted the super champion of mediocrity to the universal boxing?…Only confusion and the verification that the initiatives of the current leaders will carry this discipline to the detriment with three monarchs by category to make the sport of boxing more vulnerable.

As super champion examples seen in who bears today: Jermain Taylor, who had two controversial bouts to the stable King Bernard Hopkins and he has not been able to convince anyone because simply not progressing professionally. Moreover, in each presentation is far more than even be world champion regular. Juan Díaz is young and promising, but is exaggerated his professionalism and his future performance super it is ahead of what is not, since only begins to play in the world of gloves and they already inflated it with description which fits great.

Another case that should study and act quickly the boxing authorities, is to eliminate some intermediate divisions of boxing that are ineffective and since its creation are full of scraps of boxers and, of course, fail to develop.

Let’s not forget, that in all activities is better quality than quantity, for all businesses and public development systems and practices of the sports where all good athletes are paid, without professional performance that compensates for its monetary value.