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Houston Car Crash Cases And What You Should Consider

HOUSTON, TX – JULY 20, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Car wrecks occur with such frequency that sometimes the steps that should be taken to make sure you avoid problematic delays in future are overlooked. With all the disruption that car crash can cause, the last thing that you need is to be battling with the insurance company on your property and personal injury claims.

Attorney Hector Sandoval from Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC has been in active practice since 2004 and handles all types of personal injury cases including auto accident cases.

Our goal is to bring peace of mind to our clients that are going through the headache of an auto accident."

What Steps Should You Take Immediately After a Car Accident?

  • STEP 1- CALL 911! then call a close family member or friend! It is going to be very important to your accident claim that you have someone that you can trust to help you gather information at the scene of crash!
  • STEP 2-REQUEST MEDICAL ATTENTION! Delaying your medical treatment only causes you more problems. You will need to be able to prove how you were injured in the car accident.
  • STEP 3-GET THE OTHER DRIVER’S INSURANCE INFORMATION and save all witness contact information. You can document everything by taking photographs with your phone or, ask a family member or close friend to do it for you.

Explaining how the Crash Happened to the Investigating Officer

After a car crash, you will be experiencing a lot of emotion and, you could even be dealing serious injuries. You must try your best to explain the events as you recall them happening immediately before the crash. If someone else was with you in the vehicle and they know how the crash happened, it may be a good idea to let them explain how the crash occurred until you are able to calm down but, do not rely on them to get it all right. You will still need to do your best to explain to the investigating officer how the crash occurred. If necessary, ask the officer if you could have some time to gather your thoughts before you start answering questions. This way you can be sure that you are giving the best account of the facts of the accident which will help the officer reach a conclusion on who was at fault.

What do I look for when looking for Car Accident Lawyer to represent me?

Honesty and responsiveness are going to be key throughout your case. Look for a lawyer that can deliver on these two fundamental traits. Finding the best car accident lawyer for you is dependent on your needs but, there are some things you can look for when choosing your car accident lawyer. You will need:

  • a car accident lawyer that can explain the legal process to you;
  • a lawyer that has a history of successfully fighting insurance companies;
  • a firm that has a good reputation of doing what’s best for their clients;
  • a firm that is hungry for your business;
  • a firm that knows that they are providing a service to their clients;
  • a firm with lawyers that know how to work hard in your case;
  • a law firm that treats you like family.

Your lawyer needs to be available when you have questions. If you need to discuss your case, you should be able to call your lawyer, set up an in-person meeting, set-up a virtual meeting online or, call, text, and email. Requesting information about your case should never be a problem. Your lawyer must be available to answer your questions promptly!

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About Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC, Houston Car Accident Law Firm

At Sandoval Law Firm, you will speak with attorney Hector Sandoval and he will discuss all the details of your case with you directly. That’s the best service that we believe we can offer to all our clients. Attorney Sandoval will review all the information involved in your case and give you a quick and honest evaluation of your case. Attorney Sandoval believes that both attorney and potential client should work together to determine if a case should be opened and, both should work towards an understanding as to what each can reasonably expect as an outcome for the case. Even if other lawyers have told you that you don’t have a case, Attorney Sandoval is willing to review your case and provide you with the explanation that you deserve! When you are ready to discuss your auto accident case, call us at (346) 347-7777 for a free and informative consultation!

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