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Flavor Flav, Hall of Fame Rapper and Reality TV Icon Announces His New Podcast ‘The Flavor Flav Show’

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 11, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Hall of Fame Rapper and Reality TV icon Flavor Flav announced his new podcast today, a talk show style audio-visual broadcast titled, “The Flavor Flav Show.”

Featuring Flav’s original spin on the celebrity host and guest model, the show promises to be a fun, topical exploration of contemporary culture, featuring well-known guests from the world of music, film, sports, comedy, and beyond.

Filming live in Los Angeles, the show will be produced by Stone Canyon Pictures, with Tarek Tohme serving as lead producer.

A founding member of legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy, Flavor Flav set record numbers in the world of television with his hit show “Flavor of Love”. With 7.5 million viewers, the show’s Season 2 finale was—and still is—the most-watched episode of an original basic cable series of all time.

And Flav promises that this next foray into the world of podcasting will be no different.

“I’ve been number one in music. I’ve been number one in reality TV. And now it’s time to be number one in podcasts. I can’t wait.”

“The Flavor Flav Show” is currently live on YouTube and will be available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms where podcasts can be found. Episodes will be airing later this Spring.

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